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End of the website?

Hello everyone, 

I have not updated this page for a while and the reason for that is because I have treated my Patreon page as more of my website than this webpage. Its just easier and more convenient to maintain post in Patreon than it is here especially because I never had any real HTML knowledge which has always been obvious if you visited my website. 

Now the host of the website will soon transfer all its domains under a new host which will not support free sites. I have always paid for premium services to keep this website up but I no longer find it viable to keep paying for it. And now that free websites will no longer be fully supported I just don't thinks there's a point in staying here. I would love to find a spot where I can post my comics again but its hard to find such a place because I just don't have the "know-how" to create a new website. 

Fortunately, my Patreon is now the place I treat as my website. I update there regularly, and I always update when my free comics go up. So if you want to know what I'm up to please head over there. My comics will continue to be released for free after some time so don't worry about that. 
The domain will be lost at the middle of the year, then the website will probably have ads or something. If I find a new host for my comics I will let you all know 

Thanks for all your support!